Silky heeldouble-sided : rough / smooth

Restore your heels to a natural silky smooth state with 30,000 guaranteed diamond particles

It makes keratin and the cracks of hard heels smooth like silk.

The soft touch of the diamonds eases your heel trouble easily.

And it is effective on corns and calluses, which athletes often encounter.

Main features

  • There are 2 types of diamond grit side on the file. Using both sides effectively enables you to file speedily and smoothly.
  • In order to get soft skin without pain, the “Silky Heel” uses round-shaped diamond particles affixed to it, which can last indefinitely, based on proper maintenance.
  • Its base-material made of glass fiber is light and flexible, so that it is suitable for your heels.
  • Good for heel’s cuticles, calluses and corns, popular among athletes.
  • Not only focusing on its quality, we also concentrated on it’s design and usability. The design was created from a two-year long research and development process of many women struggling with heel problems.

How to use

  • For occasions such as, before taking a bath, just scrub your dry heel being careful not to file your skin too much when you use it.
  • Scrub your heel’s skin with the large grit diamond side. Then rub it gently, taking advantage of its flexible design.
  • You can stop when your heel has become smooth and silky.
  • Use the "The Silky Heel” once every two or three weeks, in order to maintain your heel’s smoothness.
  • After scrubbing your skin with the file, you can amplify the effects by using skin care lotion or creams.


  • Do not use it on wet skin.
  • Be careful not to scrub too strongly and too often.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the file, as it may break or snap.


  • After using the " Silky Heel”, wash it thoroughly
  • If there is powder on the file after washing it, sterilize it with brushing cleaner and wash it again.
  • After washing, dry thoroughly.
  • Do not place and use around fire, as it could break or melt.
  • Please be careful not to wash the “ Silky Heel” with extremely hot water.
Size:length 189mm width 31mm thickness 1.7mm weight 13g
Material:glass fiber(base), industrial diamonds
Color(2type):mudblack / silkywhite

100% made in Japan